Links Insurance Brokers Automate Sales, Marketing and Services with Salesforce

Links Insurance Brokers introduced Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, in cooperation with Cloud Concept. The automation of sales, marketing and service processes with Salesforce has lead to a 360° customer view and high efficiency gains. Customers are empowered to easily submit cases inquiries and users benefit from a superior user experience.


  • Superior customer rep experience & collaboration between departments
  • Superior service experience & customer engagement
  • Empowerment of customers
  • Superior user experience for staff
  • Highly improved efficiency and conversion rates
  • Superior overview, traceability & analysis of services and processes
  • Significantly reduced service times & service cost
  • Minimum error proneness

These Benefits have been achieved through the implementation of:


Links Insurance Brokers (Links) is an independant insurance broker operating in the UAE. Established in 1999, Links was founded in anticipation of a growing need for a specialist insurance and risk management partner. With an emphasis on client-broker relationships, Links draws on the vast experience of their team and in-depth knowledge of various sectors and legislations to offer a suite of prudent and innovative insurance solutions.

Missing 360° Customer View

Processes to serve Links’ corporate and retail customers were mainly manual, with a widespread use of MS Office. Although popular with users, MS Office had its limits. The main challenge for Links was the missing 360° customer view, affecting Sales, Marketing and Services. Policies and their expiration dates as well as customer records were not centrally stored and accessible. There were no rules to make sure data was entered correctly. Duplicate customer records lead to confusion and errors. Incoming customer cases could not be automatically assigned to staff and the time to solve them was not tracked and analyzed. Visibility of cases thus was limited. Quotes were generated manually in MS Office – a time intensive and error prone endeavour. Manually tracking them was laborsome too and did not lead to the desired information. Missing tracking capabilities also didn’t allow to measure the success rate of incentives and campaigns.

CRM System for Improved Efficiency and Customer Experience

To automate Sales, Marketing and Services processes, increase efficiency and improve customer experience, Links evaluated the introduction of a CRM system, integrated with MS Outlook.

Salesforce to Automate Sales, Marketing and Service Processes

After a careful evaluation of different CRM systems, Links selected, the # 1 CRM worldwide which proved to be the best fit for Links. Looking for a reliable Salesforce implementation partner holding a successful track record in the Financial Services Sector, Links partnered with Cloud Concept. In an integration project involving a host of custom functions, Cloud Concept implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, fully automating sales, marketing and service processes.

Centrally Stored and Accessible Policies

Policies are now centrally stored and accessible by authorised personnel. Each policy can be viewed in detail or aggregated in customized reports and dashboards. Alerts notify staff about the best time to reach out to clients for policy renewal. This has lead to improved renewal management, cross-selling and up-selling. Since all relevant customer information is centrally available, Communication with clients is much easier and further facilitated by the integration of Salesforce with MS Outlook.

Higher ROI with Improved Campaign and Quote Management

Quotes are generated out of Sales Cloud using custom built templates aligned with Links’ branding guidelines. Following up on quotes is made easy using custom built reports and dashboards. Links also benefits from excellent campaign management. Marketing campaigns targeted at specific customer segments can be much better planned, run and tracked. This results in more leads and eventually in more sales. The conversion rates of leads into qualified leads and sales can be meticulously measured, which reveals the overall ROI of a campaign. Duplicate accounts are merged in Salesforce which not only removes them but makes sure no relevant data is lost.

Empowerment of Customers and Efficiency Gain

Thanks to Service Cloud Customers are empowered to submit cases & send inquiries via support emails or on the phone. Links staff have complete visibility of incoming cases and requests and can attend to them immediately. As a result, the time to solve customer requests has been reduced.

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