Reduces Service Time by 50%

KAMCO (www.kamconline.com) a leading investment company in Kuwait, introduced Salesforce Sales Cloud and a fully branded customer community powered by Salesforce, offering a wide range of comprehensive services such as Portfolio Statements, Reports and Online Trading to their stakeholders. Introducing the Salesforce Suite, in partnership with Cloud Concept, has ensured sales, marketing and service processes are now automated. Salesforce is integrated with the existing Oracle DB and two way system communications were setup for efficient data usage. This has resulted in a superior client and user experience enabling KAMCO to continue focusing on growth without the hassle of managing time consuming manual processes.


  • 50% reduction in service time
  • Immediate scalability and flexibility
  • Compelling reporting for informed decision making
  • Superior service experience due to 24/7 available online portal
  • Superior user experience and collaboration between teams
  • Seamless Integration with Oracle DB and existing systems
  • Accurate data consolidation

These Benefits have been achieved through the implementation of:


Salesforce helps us easily turn scattered data into actionable information. Our team is always up-to-date with relevant insights, building richer and more meaningful customer and employee connections. With our implementation partner Cloud Concept, we have been able to take our service excellence to the next level.
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KAMCO Investment Company is a premier investment company based in Kuwait, regulated by the Capital Markets Authority with one of the largest private sector AUMs in the region. It has grown to become one of the top companies in the region. To keep up with the rapid growth, KAMCO had to seek new technologies to support their vision, mission and continuous growth.

Challenges resulting from manual processes and disparate systems

Prior to introducing Salesforce, processes at KAMCO were in the majority manual and paper based. This resulted in several challenges and limitations to expand. Lead Prospects’ information was not captured. All client relationship documents were manually filled and data entry was time consuming and erroneous. KAMCO lacked a link between many of their inhouse systems, Oracle DB and portfolio management system, to name a few. Users had to shuffle between various systems for accurate client information. Interdepartmental coordination and communication was paper based and inefficient.

Fully branded customer community integrated with system infrastructure

Aspiring to provide customers a premium service experience and foster customer engagement, KAMCO introduced a fully branded customer community powered by Salesforce.com. Looking for a reliable implementation partner with deep experience in bespoke solutions for the Financial Services Industry and process automation, KAMCO selected Cloud Concept. The solution combines Salesforce Sales Cloud with Salesforce Community and leverages the Salesforce platform to automate and customize KAMCO processes. The 24/7 available online portal ensures top of line customer services and the Sales Cloud integration promises 100% data consolidation.

Service excellence through web and mobile devices

The customer community offers KAMCO customers a wide range of online services through the portal and on mobile devices. Customers now have the ability to manage their portfolio, extract reports, trade online and much more using their device of choice. They can easily navigate in the community, wherever they are, 24/7. This reflects on KAMCO’s vision of constantly seeking to reach new heights of success by being the leader of service excellence and reducing the turnaround time on customer requests.

Improved user experience for stakeholders

KAMCO stakeholders, including internal and external, benefit from automated and streamlined processes. Access to key information is made easy, the customer community offers prompt services. The website integration with Salesforce enables streamlined process management. Portfolio agreements are integrated within the portal and centrally available. New and existing agreements can thus be issued with minimum effort.

Not only do back-end staff have full visibility of their customers and the services provided, but also provide these services much more effectively and efficiently. The time to review and approve customer requests for portfolio and investment information has been reduced by 50%. Knowing exactly how long the different services take and how much they contribute to the bottom line further adds value and helps management make important decisions. And all of this takes the customer service experience and relationship management to a whole new level.

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