Global Village Reduces Service Time by 50%

Global Village, the region’s largest seasonal cultural extravaganza, introduced a fully branded customer community in partnership with Cloud Concept. A wide range of comprehensive services such as visa requests and cancellations, NOCs as well as issuance of fines are offered via an online web portal and mobile devices. The based customer community facilitates a superior service experience and customer engagement as well as easy scalability at significantly reduced service times and cost.


  • Superior service experience thanks to 24/7 available online portal
  • 80% reduction in walk-in customers
  • Superior user experience for Global Village back-end staff
  • 50% reduction in service time
  • 100% accuracy in data consolidation
  • High visibility & traceability for customers
  • Seamless analysis of services

These Benefits have been achieved through the implementation of:


The Salesforce based customer community empowers our customers to request services on their device of choice and engage with us on a whole new level.
Fahad Yousef Al KhajaDirector – Government Relations | Global Village

Global Village is the largest family entertainment and cultural attraction in the Middle East with a unique shopping experience at 31 exhibitions/pavilions each representing a different country. Global Village attracts over five million visitors per season and offers a variety of dining options from different cuisines, along with thrill rides and children’s rides at the Fantasy Island.

Challenges resulting from manual processes and disparate systems

Prior to introducing the new customer community, Global Village customer service processes were in the majority manual and paper based. This resulted in challenges for both Global Village and their customers such as investors and exhibitors. Customers had to manually fill in forms and physically collect and deliver documents such as visas and NOCs. Global Village back-end staff found it difficult to find and access customer details in the disparate systems. In addition, providing customers information about the status of the requested services was cumbersome and time intensive.

Fully branded customer community integrated with system infrastructure

Aspiring to provide customers a premium service experience and foster customer engagement, Global Village introduced a fully branded customer community based on Looking for a reliable implementation partner with deep experience in business process automation and bespoke service cloud solutions, Global Village selected Cloud Concept. The solution combines Salesforce Service Cloud with Salesforce Community and leverages the Salesforce platform to customize the products to Global Village’s processes and business needs. Global Village fully automated and streamlined their processes and integrated the centralised platform with the Access Card System and SMS Notification System. The accuracy of consolidated data is 100% guaranteed.

User friendly online services on web and mobile devices

The customer community offers Global Village customers a wealth of online services on the web portal and on mobile devices. Customers are empowered to access the real-time dashboard on their device of choice and easily navigate in the community, wherever they are, 24/7. Fahad Yousef Al Khaja , Director – Government Relations at Global Village states: “The Salesforce based customer community empowers our customers to request services on their device of choice and engage with us on a whole new level.” Customers are empowered to create, review and submit requests and drill down for detailed information without having to physically go to the Global Village office. This has reduced the number of walk in customers by 80%. Instant SMS notifications and updates enable customers to always be on top of the services requested.

Improved user experience for back-end staff

Global Village back-end staff benefit from automated and streamlined processes, too. For example from easy access to investor and customer details. Thanks to access card information integrated with the portal and now centrally available, access cards can be issued and blacklisted with minimum effort. Not only do back-end staff have full visibility of their customers and the services provided, but also provide these services much more effectively and efficiently. The time to review and approve requests, for example, has been reduced by 50%. Knowing exactly how long the different services take and how much they contribute to the bottom line further adds value and helps management make important decisions.

Issue and print fines on site

In case of exhibitors and their staff breaching rules of Global Village’s Code of Conduct, such as smoking in unauthorised territory, Global Village inspectors can immediately issue and print fines on-site. The Cloud Concept ‘Inspection App’ allows inspectors to access employee and customer information wherever they are and issue fines on their tablet, print them and hand over to the perpetrator. Fines issued are automatically logged in the system, reported into dashboards and accessible to back-end staff as well as accounting.

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