Al-Faisaliah Medical Systems Empower Customer Reps with Salesforce

Al-Faisaliah Medical Systems introduced Salesforce Sales Cloud, in cooperation with Cloud Concept. The CRM solution, seamlessly integrated with SAP ERP, empowers customer reps to plan and log customer interactions on their device of choice, measure and report performance indicators and always be on top of numbers, processes and consignments. Collaboration is made easy and management are empowered to make informed decisions.


  • Superior customer rep experience & collaboration between departments
  • Seamless integration with SAP ERP
  • Compelling reporting for informed decision making
  • Premium mobile capabilities
  • High visibility and traceability
  • Automated & consistent processes
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

These Benefits have been achieved through the implementation of:


Salesforce and its tight integration with SAP empowers our customer reps to always be on top of what is happening and allows us to make informed decisions. With Cloud Concept we have a Salesforce expert and reliable partner by our side.
IrfanGeneral Manager | Al Faisaliah Medical Systems (FMS)

Limited Visibility and Traceability

FMS deals with a very competitive market and sells large amounts of medical equipments. Handling around 300,000 line items, keeping track of customer orders, invoicing, consignments and sales activities posed a major challenge. The majority of it was planned and tracked manually, using Excel sheets. Customer reps had to consult administrators to be on top of their numbers such as quotations and orders. Logging each and every interaction with customers, a prerequisite by the company, was difficult and time consuming. Reporting this data was subject to big efforts and error proneness. Collaboration between staff and departments was another challenge and customer reps found it inconvenient to consult data and make updates when on the road.

Introduction of a CRM System Integrated with SAP

To automate processes, simplify planning, operations, and controlling as well as to have a 360 degree view on the bid process, FMS evaluated the introduction of a CRM system. The system should also be instrumental in reporting data in customized reports and dashboards for staff and management. FMS extensively uses SAP ERP for accounts, quotations, orders, invoicing and products. A new CRM system would therefore need to be tightly integrated with SAP and be able to access and report SAP data. In view of the company’s rapid growth, scalability was a vital criterium too.

Superior Customer Rep and Reporting Experience

After carefully evaluating different CRM systems, FMS selected because of it’s worldwide CRM leader position, its maturity and excellent reporting functionalities. Looking for a reliable Salesforce implementation partner holding a successful track record and expertise in complex CRM integrations, FMS selected Cloud Concept. A Salesforce platinum partner and leading consultancy in the region, Cloud Concept implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and seamlessly integrated it with SAP. Data out of SAP including accounts, quotations, orders, invoicing and products can be accessed and reported in Salesforce. 100 users work with the new solution, the majority being customer reps, who plan and log all customer related activities such as calls and visits in Salesforce. Performance indicators like sales revenue by product, number of products consigned or time spent with each hospital/doctor can now be measured, monitored and displayed in compelling reports and dashboards. This not only simplifies life of customer reps but helps management in informed decision making. Also stock management is done out of Salesforce, allowing to meticulously plan and track deliveries of products and collections.

Premium Collaboration and Mobile Capabilities

Employees and departments can now easily collaborate and share information using Salesforce’s collaboration tool ‘Chatter’. This has led to significant efficiency gains as administrative work and the number of meetings are heavily reduced. Using Salesforce1 Mobile App, customer reps get all vital information on their device of choice, anytime and anywhere they go. Not only is this more convenient and time saving, but assures data is up-to-date and can be represented in reports and dashboards 24/7.

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