Al Bashayer


“Salesforce CRM made it possible for us to rapidly build a top-notch financial CRM with all the regulatory checks and balances in place.”

Al Bashayer Investment Company ( is a prominent provider of wealth management services for high-net-worth investors. Based in the United Arab Emirates, Al Bashayer is backed by blue-chip institutional shareholders from the Gulf region and is licensed by the UAE Central Bank to offer a full range of financial services.


With Bashayer getting ready to launch their flagship leveraged bond product, the Wealth Management team needed an application that helped them nurture relationships with clients. The Compliance Department needed a way to track, manage, and authorize know-your-client documentation quickly and efficiently while complying with strict anti-money-laundering laws. And finally the Operations Department needed visibility and control throughout the account opening process until fund collection and clearing.


Instead of investing millions into three separate solutions, Bashayer decided to implement Salesforce CRM as a unified system. The Cloud Concept team worked closely with Bashayer’s stakeholders and management to collect all business requirements and design a solution that is compliant with banking regulations.

Using custom objects and workflows, Cloud Concept mapped the firm’s three critical processes: fund raising, compliance management, and fund accounting.
Using custom triggers and Apex code, the team created the glue that bound these three areas together into a single, front-to-back application.

And finally, using’s sophisticated security model, Cloud Concept consultants designed a robust security model that defined the boundaries between the three areas of activities.

Within a few months of launch, Bashayer’s team built a healthy pipeline worth hundreds of millions of dollars of funds, all closely tracked and managed through Salesforce CRM, while the firm’s Wealth Managers enjoyed the mobility of Salesforce’s BlackBerry client.

The Salesforce suite provides us with immediate scalability and flexibility. With regular new releases, we know we will always have access to the latest features with Salesforce and the way the upgrade cycle is managed means there is never any disruption to the business.
Ahmad Al-JebouriOperations Director | ADS Securities

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