Ajman DED


Ooredoo adopted Salesforce Service Cloud solution to enhance customer service experience.

Ajman Department of Economic Development (ADED) has always been working to foster sustainable economic development of Ajman emirate with the involvement of UAE nationals. Its key strategic objectives include:

  • Promote sustainable economic growth for Ajman

  • Address current issues in the emirate that are stalling sustainable economic growth

  • Act as an enabler for change to help develop the economy of Ajman.

To achieve their strategic goals, Ajman DED considered adopting Salesforce’s Service Cloud as a CRM tool to be used as a system that would enable them to enhance their customer experience and improve service standards.

Major Challenges

  • Lack of ability to collect customer suggestion and complaints from different channels.
  • Lack of ability to track customer Suggestions and Feedback.
  • Heavy reliance on paper based forms for suggestion and complaints.
  • Poor customer communication.
  • Lack of any Sales Process Management system.

Putting Customer Satisfaction at the Heart of Everything

Cloud Concept team proposed Salesforce Service Cloud solution to address the challenges and enhance customer service experience. Our Salesforce Certified Consultants understood the business process and designed a superior system that would enable them to service their customers better and track service standards by having more insights and reporting capabilities.


Cloud Concept provided a comprehensive solution for the challenges above:

  • Custom mobile app was developed considering the high volume of customers using mobile devices to access services and due to high demand.
  • Web to Case (user friendly forms system) was designed and implemented for allowing customers to share suggestions and complaints easily through website and mobile application.
  • Designed a strategic Milestones and Entitlements system to track the customer SLA.
  • Developed a Customer Satisfaction review system using specially designed forms for Mobile Devices to enable management to get the most relevant and updated customer feedback and experience records.
  • Built an automated system enabling Ajman DED systems to send SMS and Email notifications to customers to engage with customers directly and promptly.

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