A web-based, fully compliant and secure HR Management System tailored for GCC based companies and built entirely on the Salesforce platform.


Industry Challenges

Larger companies face increasingly complex HR and payroll requirements. Manual processing of HR and payroll is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors that might be costly legally. More and more companies need to automate all aspects of their payroll and HR to reduce costs while improving services to their employees.

The Cloud Concept Approach



HR & Payroll Automation is a web-based, fully compliant and secure Human Resources Management System tailored for GCC based companies and built entirely on the Salesforce platform. Automated processes and workflows allow for efficient and accurate processing of various HR functions such as payroll, leave and recruitment. The fully branded portal empowers employees to engage and receive updates on their device of choice.

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  • Secure & fully branded web portal
  • Efficient management of HR functions
  • Compliant with GCC labour laws
  • Convenient staff engagement on device of choice
  • Smart and fact-based decision making
  • Reduced administrative work & risk
  • Seamless integration with existing system infrastructure

HR & Payroll Automation is available as a complete solution or
on a per-module basis.

Core HR Module

Record basic demographic and contact information, including important documents
(passport, visa, educational information, etc.). Track email correspondence Between HR staff and employees, and keep track of reporting lines and org structure.

  • Full employee profile, like grading and classification
  • Compensation profile, like packages and benefits
  • One-click document generation, like NOCs and salary certificate
  • Document management with expiry dates and other attributes
  • Activity tracking, like leave applications and balance inquiries

Payroll Management Module

Automate the payroll process by calculating monthly packages and benefits based on automatic calculations of additions and deductions.

  • Automatic payroll calculation in batches of 100s or 1,000s of employees
  • PDF payslip generation in your branded format
  • Automatic scheduling of email payslips
  • Automatic calculation of additions and deductions based on overtime, leaves, expense claims, and one-offs
  • End-of-service calculation
  • Expense claim workflow, like claim submission, approval, and rejection

Time and Attendance Module

Automate timekeeping and scheduling tasks.

  • Time and Attendance workflow including time submission, approval, and rejection
  • Automatic calculation of attendance, overtime and accruals based on your own rules and UAE laws
  • Absence tracking

Leave Management Module

Automate leave management and calculations.

  • Leave workflow like leave submission, approval, balance and rejection
  • Setup official holidays as per company rules and UAE laws

Basic Recruitment Module

Keep track of candidates and their status in the recruitment cycle. Convert successful candidates into employee records with one click, including all related information.

  • Full candidate profile
  • Offer letter generation
  • Onboarding of new employees

Employee Self-Service Module

Empower your employees to easily find relevant information and apply for HR services from the comfort of their desk, tablet or smartphone. Reduce manual work, errors, and wasted paper by automating employee requests through your own branded portal.

  • Secure and password-based login for employees
  • Employee profile, like leave balance, payslip records etc.
  • Social Intranet, letting employees interact with each other
  • Employee community, engaging with employees in a dedicated private community
  • Leave and expense claim like submission, approval, and rejection

Analytics Module

Run reports and dashboards on your data, including regular daily, weekly, or monthly automated reports straight to your inbox. The Analytics Module is easy to use by endusers using drag-and-drop technology.

  • Automated reports, dashboards, and email alerts
  • Full audit trail on all users
  • Integration with attendance systems (fingerprint and otherwise)
  • Integration with ERP solutions (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft), and finance systems (Sage, Peachtree, Quickbooks).
  • Data import wizard from legacy systems
  • Automatic data backup weekly or monthly
  • Role-based access to data

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