10 Productivity Tips for Sales Reps

Dear Sales Reps,

Did you know that 68% of your time is not spent selling? If you would like to spend more time selling and connecting with customers there is good news for you. Many minor tasks eating up your time can be automated, streamlined, or simplified.

Andy Werner - Head of Operations

Andy Werner – Head of Operations at Cloud Concept

In a new e-book from Salesforce, 5 Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople, Salesforce explains how sales reps can take back their time selling in the field, focusing on what really matters: connecting with customers.

  1. Get enough sleep. The one thing every sales rep should prioritize: sufficient sleep. According to sleep experts, 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep is prime and sleep between 10pm and 2am is said to be the most important.
  2. Become physically active. According to ample research, people who exercise regularly are more productive than those who don’t exercise. Planning a morning run or other exercise, for example, helps you hit the ground running when you open your laptop and start making calls.
  3. Consider 90-minute working blocks. Most people can only concentrate for 90 minutes on a given task. Try stepping away from your desk or taking a break between meetings every 90 minutes to refocus and get a second wind of productivity.
  4. Refuel correctly. It’s tough to stay focused if you’re hungry! Check out these tips for healthy eating from a Salesforce’s nutritionist, and aim to regularly include protein and fiber. Drink plenty of water.
  5. Combine multiple apps into one. It takes a certain skill set to juggle dozens of accounts, manage countless meetings, and respond to dozens of follow-up emails and tasks every day. With so much to handle, sales professionals need a way to sell and stay organized, no matter where they are. With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, salespeople can schedule their days, automate repetitive tasks, and do everything they’d normally do in their CRM via mobile device.
  6. Track your time. How much time does it actually take to research a lead, send an email, or check LinkedIn? Carefully observe how you spend a day working — the results may surprise you. Plenty of apps can track the hours and minutes you spend on various tasks (check this list).
  7. Be the boss of your own calendar and track your time. Schedule 20-minute meetings instead of 30, check your email only at predetermined times, and pay attention to task time vs. priority. For example, if you wanted a task to take you only 45 minutes but it’s sluggishly dragging into an hour and a half, move on to something else and return fresh later.
  8. Revolutionize your inbox. The average salesperson spends almost 30 hours per week just answering emails. SalesforceIQ Inbox is the productive salesperson’s solution to the inbox. It brings the data salespeople need right to their email inbox — no more switching between apps, allowing them to close more deals with less busy work.
  9. Track the details your leaders need. What are your sales leaders’ key metrics? How do they set your quotas and reward you? Map those metrics to what’s inside your CRM. You’ll be more productive if your managers can simply look up information and reports themselves, for example using Salesforce reports and dashboards.
  10. Use data to your advantage. Every sales rep knows that data is a must for selling successfully. Salespeople today need the right data in the right context, especially on mobile devices where huge datasets are unwieldy. Turn your mobile device into a portable selling machine with an app like Salesforce1 to log calls, check dashboards, and instantly access customer and quota data from everywhere work takes you.

No matter how much you prioritize and plan ahead, the sales professional’s to-do list can still feel overwhelming at times. But by adopting a few secrets from the pros, you can increase productivity substantially and focus more of your time on what counts.

Get the full e-book 5 Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople for free and learn how sales reps can work smarter than their competition and become more effective. The e-book also shares first-hand tips from five sales leaders who have reached exemplary sales performance.

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