MailChimp Integration with Salesforce

Benefits of Integrating MailChimp with Salesforce

Shoba Cardoza - Project Manager

Shoba Cardoza – Project Manager at Cloud Concept

Integrating your Salesforce account with MailChimp, a leading email marketing solution, enables better email campaign management and aligns the activities of both sales and marketing teams. MailChimp for Salesforce is a powerful tool and this integration can help businesses streamline processes from one application to another. I recently did a MailChimp for Salesforce integration. The process involves a easy set up which can be found in AppExchange and instantly you have available a set of impressive features. There are several things you can do with the integration but here are four benefits of integrating MailChimp with Salesforce.

1- Sync MailChimp and Salesforce records

The MailChimp for Salesforce app is designed to offer a two-way sync between MailChimp and Salesforce. This means you can sync new subscribers in MailChimp to Salesforce, new leads or contacts in Salesforce to MailChimp, and keep the subscriber data the same between the two platforms.

2- Create, schedule, and send campaigns from within Salesforce

Salesforce users can conveniently design, send, and track a branded email- right inside of Salesforce. The Campaign Builder under the MailChimp Campaigns tab in Salesforce application allows you to design and send off any classic mail or select the custom-coded templates saved in a MailChimp account.

3- Build Segments into MailChimp Lists

The Query Builder allows users to work within Salesforce and pass the information into specific MailChimp Lists, Interests or Groups automatically based on specific filters. If you have a specific group of contacts you wish to send a campaign, set up a simple filter to include or exclude a certain contact field.

4- View Campaign Reports

All Campaign Stats are visible in Salesforce and this is a default feature right out of the box. The number of standard reports include:

  • All Recent Activity by Campaign
  • Recent Opens by List
  • Recent Unsubscribes by List
  • Recently Created Leads from Mailchimp.

Along with this users can individually manage subscriber preferences from Contact and Lead page layouts without going back and forth between the two systems.

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