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Sami Caracand - CEO, Cloud Concept

Laura Carter – Head of Sales at Cloud Concept

I’m thrilled to share with you a few highlights of this year’s Dreamforce, the flagship event of Salesforce which took place in San Francisco this month. As a Dreamforce first timer, I certainly had high expectations however nothing quite prepared me for the spectacular event that took place.

Salesforce pride themselves on not only ingenuity but also fun, and at Dreamforce they showcase both. With over 10,000 sessions the agenda was fully packed for both Sales and Technical individuals alike with activities and speakers varying from CEO’s of blue chip companies to Hollywood stars. The big reveal of course, however, is Salesforce’s 2016 roadmap.

Salesforce announced SalesforceIQ and the IoT Cloud, setting a theme for the annual conference centred around predictive and real-time data’s ability to improve sales. With SalesforceIQ, CEO Marc Benioff unveiled the company’s transformation of RelateIQ into a set of tools that can suggest appropriate actions from a sales lead’s profile and history, both for standalone customers and Salesforce’s core install base. SalesforceIQ aims to do that for small businesses by creating an easy way for them to log new interactions with their own customers and know which next step to take in order to close a deal.

If SalesforceIQ is supposed to save sales reps time in how they choose their interactions with customers, the IoT Cloud is billed as opening up a host of new sources of data to make those choices more informed. With the IoT Cloud, Salesforce have cemented the public fascination with smart toothbrushes and other devices connected to the cloud by releasing a product focused on the sales insights and service needs of said smart devices.

The challenge of the ‘Internet of Customers’, as Benioff brands it, is that with more data shared, people expect better service back. One of the biggest dilemmas we face is as Dylan Steele comments “Companies are getting good at collecting the data off connected devices, but they’re not good about actually doing anything with it.” In fact, the statistics are that only 1% of data available is actually used by Sales people. As a saleswoman myself, this is a worrying statistic and something that clearly we need to improve upon. Salesforce’s answer is the IoT Cloud. This offering will encourage companies to process their website clicks, car battery warnings and warehouse updates in the same way.

Truly exciting times ahead! Stay tuned for more information to come… To learn more, get in touch with us

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